Healthcare is Getting Better

Central Health is Bringing Healthcare Near You

Central Health ensures you have access to high-quality healthcare, health resources, and health education to help you get well and stay healthy.

Later this year, we will celebrate the opening of three new health centers:

  • The Rosewood-Zaragosa Specialty Care Clinic
  • Hornsby Bend Health & Wellness Center
  • Del Valle Health & Wellness Center
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What is Central Health?

Central Health, Travis County’s hospital district, is building a comprehensive, high-functioning healthcare system for residents with low income who need it most. The district’s Healthcare Equity Plan, adopted in early 2022, is guiding up to $700 million in investments to close the gaps that persist throughout the safety-net healthcare system – in primary care, specialty care, dental and behavioral health, hospital-based care, and post-acute transitions of care.

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The Medical Access Program (MAP)

The Medical Access Program (MAP) is a local program provided by Central Health that covers primary care, prescriptions, specialty care, and hospital care. MAP helps people get the healthcare they need.

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Recent News

Central Health Says it Won’t be Distracted by Ascension’s Latest Legal Maneuvers

(Tuesday) On Tuesday, May 2, 2023 Central Health received from Ascension Texas (formerly known as Seton Healthcare Family) a notice of Governance and Funding Deadlock under the terms of the 2013 Master Agreement between the two parties. “We will not be distracted by this latest legal maneuver,” said Mike Geeslin, Central…

Central Health’s Annual Report Details in Patients, Providers and Services in 2022

(Austin) — Central Health, Travis County’s hospital district, delivered its latest annual report on Wednesday, May 13, detailing how it increased the number of patients served by 4% in 2022 compared to the previous year. Central Health provided healthcare for 152,435 individuals, or one out of every nine Travis County…

Central Health Sues Ascension for Failing to Live Up to its Contractual Commitments to Care for Travis County Residents with Low Income

DOWNLOAD THE LAWSUIT (Austin) – Central Health sued Ascension Texas (Ascension), formerly known as Seton Healthcare Family, Tuesday for failing to meet its contractual obligations to provide healthcare for Travis County residents with low income. “We are out of options,” said Mike Geeslin, President & CEO of Central Health. “Ascension’s…